Four Teeth Whitening Tips for a Beautiful Smile

Sparkling white teeth can make a great difference to your personality and make you feel more confident in your day-to-day life. There are many options when it comes to teeth whitening. You can get the procedure performed at a dental clinic or buy an at-home kit and do it yourself. Tooth whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes, whitening pens or strips are a good addition to your oral hygiene practices. Here are four teeth whitening tips for maintaining the results.

Use a tooth whitening toothpaste:

While there is no substitute for regular visits to the dentist for checkup and cleanings, using certain products can help in maintaining better teeth. One of such products is teeth whitening toothpaste. Whitening toothpastes do not contain strong bleaching agents and the results may not be visible instantly. However, they contain cleansing agents that remove stains and prevent further stains and discoloration. Certain whitening toothpastes contain hydrogen peroxide and provide better results.

Eat more crunchy fruits and vegetables:

One of the best natural ways to maintain white teeth is to increase the intake of crunchy fruits and vegetables. Crunchy fruits and vegetables are mildly abrasive and remove stains and discolorations from the teeth. They are also loaded with vitamins and minerals and are a good source of fiber. Therefore, crunchy fruits and vegetables are highly beneficial for the body.

Use fluoridated toothpaste to protect the enamel:

Using a fluoridated toothpaste can help in maintaining whiter teeth by protecting the enamel. Weakening of the enamel can cause discoloration and also increased sensitivity to hot or cold foods. It is well known that the enamel is one of hardest substances. However, it cannot repair itself because it doesn’t contain living cells. When oral diseases affect the enamel, it can’t be restored. Weakening of the enamel layer can cause stains to develop on the teeth. Therefore, it is important to take measures to protect the enamel. Fluoridated toothpaste can make the enamel layer stronger and minimize damage from acidic foods.

Take more dairy products:

Dairy foods are excellent sources of calcium, the mineral that teeth are mostly made of. Increasing the intake of dairy products such as cheese and yogurt can help in maintaining beautiful white teeth. Dairy products are also rich in proteins and other essential vitamins and minerals that are needed for maintaining a healthy body. Hard cheeses also remove food particles and stains from the teeth.

Visiting the dentist regularly and maintaining proper oral hygiene are important not only for oral health but also for the overall health of the body. Brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing regularly and using a medicated mouthwash can keep dental problems at bay and help in maintaining sparkling white teeth. A balanced nutritious diet is also important.

How to mitigate increased teeth sensitivity after teeth whitening:

Often teeth become sensitive after whitening procedures. Usually the problem will go away after a few days. However, if the increased sensitivity is bothersome, it can be treated easily. Here are some ways:

Use sensitivity toothpaste: Toothpastes formulated for sensitive teeth contain potassium nitrate which reduces the pain associated with increased sensitivity. In fact, it is a good idea to use sensitive toothpaste for the first few days after teeth whitening.

Chew gum: Chewing gum produces more saliva that cleans the teeth and soothes them. Chewing gum may also provide distraction from the pain.

Avoid using whitening products for a while: If you experience increased sensitivity while using tooth whitening products, you can stop using the products for a few days until the sensitivity reduces to normalcy and then start using the products again.

Teeth whitening can be done at the dentist’s clinic or by using over the counter whitening products. It will make a difference to your personality and make you live your life with more confidence. It is important to take care of your teeth after teeth whitening. If proper care is not taken the stains and discoloration will return. Here are three tips to ensure that your smile stays bright and beautiful.

Avoid foods that cause staining: Foods such as tea, coffee, wine and berries can cause tooth discoloration. It is best to avoid such foods.

Quit smoking: Smoking or chewing tobacco can cause tooth discoloration. Tobacco is not at all beneficial for your health. You should quit smoking and avoid tobacco products.

Use a straw: You should use a straw while drinking beverages. Using a straw prevents the drink from coming into contact with your teeth and therefore reduces the chances of stains and discoloration.

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